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We offer viscose fiber raw materials pulp production in
many parts of the world viscose staple fiber manufacturers
since 1995.

Caprolactam Flakes (CPT)

A raw material for manufacture of
nylon fiber and resins. Two forms: Solid in flakes and molten.

Poly Terephatic Asid (PTA)

PTA is used to produce
polyesters of terephthalic acid, including for polyethylene
terephthalate (PET), as well as other purposes.


Artificial fiber raw material. Nylon and polyester chips,
this product sub-categories in particular, we are selling all
products, monthly average of 50 tons of sales from this


We have good quality of hot wash green and white pet


Viscose Fiber

Viscose fibers trade has started with the establishment of our company in 1995 with years of experience we have been one of the largest and most important three suppliers of Turkey market. We provide and maintain our position in the marketplace with fast service, good quality and good products for many years. We supply viscose fiber from China, Brasil, Spain, Vietnam and many other countries .

Polyester Fiber

We supply other fiber which name is polyester
fiber from many countries of the world as well , especially from Brasil We offer to an ever-growing customer portfolio in Turkey market. In 2011 the average monthly sales were 342 tons, It has
been reached to 415 tons/ per month in 2012 .





We have come to develop our brand name with export and import from 1995 to the present day.
We started producing yarn under our own Moonstar
brand in Syria since 2008 and We are happy to serve this yarn to our fabric producer customers. We have started the first stage with 100.000 kg, demand in recent months has been reached to average of 200.000 kg per month with safe step. We go on in the safe position with the difficult competitive conditions
in the textile market. There are Nylon, cotton and
various blends yarn sales, except for polyester
yarn. Our cotton yarn demand is around 100 000
kg monthly .

We have come to develop our brand name with export and import from 1995 to the present day.